Commercial Window Repair Solutions, Inc.



"The window repair experts"

Commercial Window Repair Solutions, Inc. specializes in commercial window repair. We work with building owners, property managers, architects, and commercial window manufacturers, we work together to restore existing windows to their original condition or better.


Commercial Window Repair Solutions, Inc. was founded by Nick and Amy DeFilippo. In her career, Amy has worked for two of the largest employers in the greater Rochester area and has a strong background in Payroll, Finance, Human Resources and Employee Relations. Amy brings the drive and knowledge of the “customer comes first” mentality to CWRS Inc and is vested in complete and overall customer satisfaction.


Nick began work in the commercial window repair industry over 15 years ago, spending those years with 2 different window companies. It was the knowledge, skills and understanding that was gained in those 15 years years working for those commercial window companies that sparked the creation of CWRS Inc.


In his sales and field service work during the 15 year period, Nick worked closely with customers, building strong customer relationships. In addition, during this time, Nick has learned that most customers continuously struggled with failing, inoperable and unsafe windows. Also realizing that there are limited resources available for help, Nick co-founded Commercial Window Repair Solutions, Inc to help with these problems.



Commercial Window Repair Solutions, Inc was founded on:  


Customer Service

Superior Field Service



Our combined understanding of customer's needs and experience in window repair qualifies us to evaluate the wide range of window problems that arise.


Using these principles to guide us, we will grow and expand our offerings in response to our customer's needs.  We are a team of professionals with a wide range of window repair knowledge - an organization that will always put the customer’s needs first. It is Commercial Window Repair Solutions, Inc. goal to provide a safe, cost effective, and long term solution to meet our customer's needs.