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Commercial Window Repair | Rochester

Commercial Window Repair Solutions serves client in Rochester, New York and surrounding areas with all their commercial window repair needs. We understand the importance of customer service and have spent years in the business mastering all aspects of window repair to ensure customer satisfaction. Below you can view many of our services and we encourage you to visit our links page for useful tips and tricks.

Glass Repairs & Upgrades

We will evaluate your windows and give you options on how to fix them and extend their life. Commercial Window Repair Solutions in Rochester, New York, offers window repairs and upgrades for home and commercial windows.

Window Balance Upgrade

Commercial windows are typically very heavy, each weighing from 50 to 130 pounds. Our balance upgrade will lift 70% of the sash weight (the part of the window that goes up and down), compared to 30% for existing balances. This will help your window open more easily and efficiently. We warranty these windows for 5 years.

Glass Replacement

For residential, commercial, industrial, or government properties, let Commercial Window Repair Solutions replace any glass that is broken, chipped, or fogged with new insulated glass units with 5-10 year seal failure warranty’s.

Bug & Security Screens

If your bug screen needs repair or is missing entirely, let us replace it for you. Use our security screens to protect your computer rooms or high-value storage areas.

Window Film

This non-transparent film keeps others from seeing through windows in bathrooms or project rooms. It also keeps glare off your windows to help lower your electric bill and increase your comfort level.Having properly installed window film has many benefits including balancing temperature, reducing strain on your HVAC system, UV protection, not to mention the fact it pays for itself with the money saved both summer and winter.

Preventative Maintenance Program

Our professionals at Commercial Window Repair Solutions inspect your windows for proper hardware and balance, as well as any broken fixtures. You will receive a detailed report, including repair costs. For our installations, balances are covered by a 5-year warranty, and any hardware or parts receive a 2-year warranty.

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If you have been searching for an affordably priced professional window repair company we encourage you to contact us. Our team is standing by ready to answer any questions you may have.